cane hill | observing the disintegration of the titanic

The view outside was still bleak and cold. During their exploration of the female wards, the team were undoubtedly reminded that security was never far away, as they could see the patrols on the footpath outside. Being closer to the hospital’s core and away from the edge always felt safer.

But you could always hear dogs barking. Cane Hill was never really quiet.

This was the view outside the art rooms. Female Ward ‘M’ (Mapother) stood to the left and was one of the least photographed wards in the hospital. Buried in the complex, this unassuming ward was oft ignored as explorers were always on the way to somewhere more interesting.

The burnt shell of Female Ward ‘C’ was also ignored but the ground floor was still intact as we’d discover the next year.

Rare view south-west of the ruined Female Ward C. The bay windows of Female Ward M can be seen to the left. © Marlon Bones 2007