cane hill | walking the perimeter

Double fence jeopardy, Batman! Yes, here we have the old wire fence, which was an admirable fence, but didnít do itís fencing job correctly, and behind it we have the 2002 fence, the serious fence, anti-vandal, anti-arsonist fence.

And then we have a serious ward, towering over us. And proof, if it was needed, that Cane Hill is going completely mad. For something caught my eye about this particular ward. (Another shot of Wren/Wesley.)

Squint up at those third floor windows? Canít see it? Take a look at the next page for the answers to be revealed!

2009: This shot showed the old wire-linked fence in the foreground (which was easy to scramble over) and the imposing new boundary fence behind it.

Looking south-east at the dormitory bay windows and Sanitation Tower of Wren/Wesley. © Simon Cornwell 2002