cane hill | walking the perimeter

Thatís the important industrial area of the hospital covered. So, itís back to the important business of wards. And the wards on this northeasterly side of the building seem even more impressive than the ones on the south westerly.

Theyíre spaced further apart and are sited above the footpath. You get a great sense of them looming over you as you walk down the road.

Well, you would if you could walk on the road.

And Iím a little confused as to why they put the stop sign on the gate. Isnít that obvious? Well, this is Cane Hill after all.

Interestingly the added splendor of the wards on this side of the hospital is over-exagerated by their height over the footpath. They are mirror images of the wards on the other side of the hospital.

This is the side of the Wren/Wesley ward with No. 5 Garden nicely fenced in to the right. The fence has also prevented any shots of Zachary/York ward.

2009: The fence was extremely well built. There were only limited places where it could be traversed and for many years the route over the new boiler house was the most favoured.

Despite appearances in the photograph, there were no gaps between the gateís base and the road. One of the only places to wiggle under the jagged metal was near Female Ward ĎAí (Browning/Blake) and that was our entry route for the "Syringes On Sunday" exploration. However, it was really only a fair-weather route.

Looking south-east towards the bay window of the Wren/Wesley dormitories. The sanitation tower can just be seen to the centre. © Simon Cornwell 2002