cane hill | walking the perimeter

Looking back, across the admin block, and towards the right wing, the full extent of the boarded up windows can be seen. Again, the only damaged room was the Entrance Hall - why were all the other windows boarded up?

Rubbish can be seen piled up outside the front door.

I wonder who opened all the windows? As can be seen, all the second floor windows are now open, letting in the elements.

Now boarded up are the Committee Room and Committee Dining Room (the outjutting part of the wing). Posh luncheons and a great view of the Downs - Cane Hill was pretty classy when first built. Also occupying this wing was the Administration Office, whilst the Recreation Officer sulked in the basement.

2009: One of the original ideas for the website was to link an exterior, perimeter walk with subsequent pictures taken inside the buildings themselves. I hoped to build up a web of pages which allowed an armchair explorer to be able to click on places of interest, and move inside and outside of the buildings at will.

It turned out to be too much work and I abandoned it. Itís only this tour which features this linking idea which can be seen above.

View north-east across the front of the Administration Block. © Simon Cornwell 2002