hellingly | the gt hine lock-in

We reached the hole. “Bloody hell, it’s been fixed.” We were suddenly fully aware that security were on the prowl and were active. I was also aware that Reaperman12 of Abandoned Britain was found in the Main Hall by two security guards. It was sobering.

We looked for another entrance but there was none. So, the flimsy metal tie was briefly untied, and the others shot in, running across the overgrown grass, through bushes to the nearest open window and dived in.

I paused to replace the metal, to make it look secure, to make it look like no-one had ventured in.

Smorgy paused at the window. She’d previously damaged her knee and was scared of causing more damage to her injury. If we’d found an open door, then she’d have joined us, but she wasn’t happy climbing through windows.

(Left: The Main Hall at Hellingly is still spectacular after repeated arson attempts and ten years of dereliction. The main hall at Rauceby would’ve looked like this once. I’ve left Marlon and Laurence in shot for scale).