hellingly | the gt hine lock-in

© Laurence 2004
We talked about scaling the water tower. A flight of steps lead up to the next floor, but it was lose, and the middle steps had broken off. Another flight of stone steps curved down into the tunnel network; Hellinglyís tower was utterly cool.

At that point, the sky went black, and the wind started to howl through the asylum. More doors starting banging and the noise increased around us dramatically. Rain started to fall. ďItís time to abortĒ I said. ďI wonít be in a derelict building when it rains. Thatís when structures collapse. And Iím not happy being in here at all.Ē

Other explorers talk about it. The moment when you feel OK, you think everythingís alright, and suddenly, for no perceptible reason, you know itís time to go. Iíve always listened to that inner voice. And other others agreed. It was time to leave.