hellingly | the gt hine lock-in

© Marlon 2004
Coming out of the tower, we quickly travelled through the asylum. Mission now aborted, we were getting out. And I’d now got used to Hellingly’s layout. If we took this angled corridor, we’d reach the Main Hall (good), across the hall, down the corridor opposite, and into the first ward we came in through. It worked well, although we got slightly wet; the rain was coming down now.

We couldn’t see the hole in the fence from our vantage point. It was a matter of jumping out of the window, running to the side of the building, and then out into the airing court. Another brief run and you were there. And everyone could see you.

The security guard continued threading the black plastic ties through the fence. Two coils. Done up hard. It’d be difficult to get through this without a knife or cutters.

We rushed into the last ward. I positioned myself by a window. “Now!”