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Inside Out: The Shoot - Continued

The following day we again met up at a pub to attack Ditchingham Maltings. However, it took a while for me to warm up as Martin was initially unhappy with my delivery and I kept stumbling over my words requiring multiple takes.

But, I eventually got into the swing of it, and was soon dealing with the issues surrounding the Maltings and how it was a far more dangerous site than Severalls. After another successful Q&A, into which I crammed as many sound-bites as possible, we were able to shoot some real reaction shots in the former malting buildings as we encountered areas I’d not been in before.

As the mornings shoot came to an end, Martin was extremely pleased. “Whilst Severalls was more interesting architecturally, we got some great reaction shots here. Plus I reviewed the Severalls raw footage last night. It looks absolutely excellent. Are you sure you’re not a presenter? Anyway, I could put together twenty minutes with what we’ve got already. Anyway, fancy a curry?”

We eventually found the rudest Indian resturant in the rudest Suffolk town possible. Martin explained his motivations over a curry which gave him food poisoning the next day: “Someone gave me Creepers for Christmas. Rubbish book, but I was thoroughly fascinated by the idea of urban exploration. So I looked on the Internet and found you.” There was more talk about other projects before we were forced out of the restaurant because the credit line was about to close.

We drove back to Ditchingham Maltings to collect my car. An old woman waved her cane at Martin as he drove pass. “What... Why did she... Hang on.” He reversed at breakneck speed back up on the one-way road and drew level with her. “Why did you shake your walking stick at us? Was I doing something wrong? Is it a one-way street? I’m not from here” She glared, stood upright and announced: “This is a 30 mile-per-hour zone.” “I was doing 30 miles per hour.” “BOLLOCKS!” she shouted and stomped off.

And so a second successful day’s film finished in the rudest town in Suffolk. It made us laugh though.

Filming at Ditchingham Maltings with Martin and the cameraman..