st johns | doom and gloom

The Main Hall was an impressive surprise, having survived 15 years of dereliction (I may have mentioned that length of time before).

The windows were smashed, but still held remnants of their fragile, leaded patterns.

It was an impressive space, thankfully spared the usual arson attacks, and looked as if it could brush up quite well.

Itd been a rather stressful explore. Children played outside, and their shouts and screams echoed around the asylum. Doors banged occasionally. And the group had unintentionally separated, so wed kept close to Administration in case they returned. (They eventually did, having explored part of the tunnel network). So, with time running out, we quietly slipped out of the asylum, but I knew there was much more I wanted to see.

© Simon Cornwell 2005

And now, please read the warning.