warley | the chapels of warley
Written: 06|11|06

Warley was designed by Kendall & Pope (having won first prize of £100 for their design) and opened on the 23rd September, 1853 with 180 patients. Whilst the architects used a novel "tudor" style, using classic red brick and stone mullioned windows, the asylum itself was firmly rooted in the style of the mid 19th century, being built to the "corridor" form.

Whilst adding crenellations to the Water Tower staircase, or patterned black brickwork, the architects were determined to give the Chapel a different external appearance; despite being firmly attached to the rear, or south of the hospital.

Built of flint, it towered above the back of the hospital, clustered amongst the wards, and gave a clear indication of its use. With its large arched windows facing east, south and west, the chapel was always sure of plenty of light; a property the architects would’ve been designing for.