west park | mental illness

We found this map schematic on site and took a picture of its colourful representation of the hospital. And now, Iíve confused the colour scheme yet further by adding my own on top.

The green areas were ruthlessly traversed in search of interesting infiltration points whilst the blue areas are where we got in.

Main Hall, Blake and Admin. Park and run.
Ashford. Walking around the southern tip of the hospital.
Clifton. Moving west, peering in windows.
Creche. Leave the kids here whilst you explore.
Occupational Therapy, Janeford and Cavell House. The end of our trek.
Parklands Day Hospital. Not a very nice place to spend your day anymore.
Lakeview. And we found the lake.
Furniture Pyre. Get your rusty metal here.
Boiler House and Water Tower. The last person to leave didn't turn off the lights.
Fire Damage. The arsonists strike.
Ashford Again. And we're into the creepy hydrotherapy ward.