beedingwood | following the footsteps of john harris

Having circled the building, and seen everything to be seen, we left Beedingwood without the usual euphoria of a successful infiltration. The asylums and military complexes I’d previously explored were doomed; even if I was given them, I’d demolish large parts to build flats and new homes – I can see it from a developer’s perspective. We were usually content to have seen it, experienced it, smelt and touched it.

But Beedingwood was different. This was someone’s home; on a grand and expressive scale, but still a home. One of the most characteristic, enigmatic and friendly sites I’d encountered. Yet, with its smaller footprint, it felt as if a single person could make a difference, put Beedingwood right again.

It would take money. And time. Lots of both. But would it be worth it? I think so.