whitefields/uplands | I knew I should've turned the gas off

Oddly, the local press are at odds with the evidence here. St. Johns, one of Cambridge's many rich colleges, now owns the land, and wants to build a 99-room luxury country house-style hotel for golfers. In the report, the college were quoted as wanting to demolish "a two-storey house called Whitefields and a fire-damaged building shell known as Uplands."

Fair enough, but didn't the owner burn both properties to the ground?

If this was a simple demolition job, why pile up the (obviously) incinerated cars as well?

What really happened here?

Well, here's my simple, and (let's face it) not very understanding take on the matter.

After a little detective work, Major Tom discovered that Whitefields had suffered fire damage and so was pulled down. The house was piled into the internal swimming pool, and then the JCB rumbled across the garden to Uplands to fill its pool in. Oddly, the shell of that destroyed house was left alone.

Figure #8: Whitefields