pyestock | your guess is as good as mine

We moved into the huge concrete block house in front of us. I made a mental note to leave climbing its angled concrete steps for the Do Or Die trip. (This would be a final visit involving dressing with hard hats and fluorescent jackets, and then wed ponce around as if we owned the place. It would allow for some of the more risky external shots, the climbing of this concrete structure and might fool a few people. It might also get us ejected from the site promptly. Hence Do Or Die.)

We left the bright sunshine and disappeared into the darkened gloom of the block house. It appeared to be a massive exhaust vent, the bare concrete walls blackened with soot, the odd triple-pipes emerging from the test cell. I tried to coax one last shot from the camera, but it simply refused and I ended up with something blurred. I sighed; wed have to return and do this test cell again at some other point.