ditchingham maltings | there but for the grace of god

Urban exploration is not always the casual, easy, walk-in-the-park activity its sometimes portrayed to be. These buildings are old and dangerous; and taking your eye of the ball for even a second could lead to tragedy.

Our experience at Ditchingham Maltings sobered us up. It was a stupid thing to do. We’d learnt our lesson and would heed it well.

However, sometimes the lessons are crueller and there are no second chances. Richard Nickel (an architectural photographer/urban explorer) was killed in the Schiller Theatre when the staircase he was carefully documenting collapsed underneath him. Sometimes you’re lucky and sometimes you’re not. And today, there but for the grace of God, I was able to tell the tale.

As for Ditchingham Maltings, the usual long process of consultants, approval and meetings continues on its dreary way. The new owner wishes to gut the maltings and silk mill buildings to build new apartments within their walls. The silos, I hope, will be demolished.