ditchingham maltings | there but for the grace of god

Postscript: Tom Honeywood is currently writing a book about the history of the village and sent in the following shots.

The first shows the Maltings in 1982 before the bypass (and chicken roundabout) was built. The second shows a fire which destroyed the upper levels of the southern part of the maltings. This explains why they're in such a state today.

"I have just enjoyed reading your report on your visit to Ditchingham maltings. I live in Ditchingham and had often considered having a look around the site myself prior to the recent developement work (which has actualy just been demolition work). I remember a visit as a boy with my father, who got permission to take some photos from the silos from the maltings manager. It was quite a hairy experience even then!" - Tom.

Tom's book will also include some pictures from this tour. So I'll let you know when it's published.

For further information check out www.chickenroundabout.co.uk.