Last update: 20|08|07

All the sites listed here are UK based. If you relish more exotic destinations, perhaps something a little more sunny, then check out the Urban Exploration Webring.

Other urbex|uk sites
I felt Pyestock was so important, and so different, that a project section wouldn't do it justice. So I created a separate site for it.

Before urbex|uk
When I started this website, there were only one or two other urban exploration websites in the UK. Quirky, charming, well written, amusing and informative, I anxiously waited for new updates and relished the anticipation when new content appeared. Unfortunately they're not updated anymore, but they're still a great read, and are highly recommended:

Probably the second UK based urbex website (I believe The Milkcrate Gang were the first) but, most importantly, the seminal Cane Hill site. From here, it could be argued, the cult of Cane Hill was first born. Now offline, a copy has been archived here

The Shrine
Part urban exploration, part historical resource, and part Pwurg, The Shrine was far more than just a site devoted to the Canadian Red Cross Memorial Hospital. Famous for the first (and so far only) ghostly occurrence, the horrific Flincher. After a few years of inactivity (which coincided with the demolition of the hospital), the site is now showing signs of life again. Hurrah!

Notable Early Sites And Influences
Urbex and The Shrine both had incredible depth but stuck to their respective key buildings. The next wave of sites cast the net far wider, exploring a host of derelict hospitals, former industrial works, tunnels, bunkers and drains. And I'm pleased to say that all these sites are still on-line, and some are still actively adding new material.

After several re-designs, Sub Urban has settled on drains and underground tunnels. But in terms of photographic excellence and website design, they are second-to-none. They have discovered and visited some of the key urban exploration hot-spots in the UK.

Nobody There
Sam's explorations take her everywhere. Her huge tours are accompanied by clear descriptive text; you could almost retrace all of her footsteps perfectly. Although she concentrates on hospitals and asylums, you'll find many more abandoned structures on her site.

Abandoned Britain
Whilst it's sharp design, and excellent photography made it stand out, Abandoned Britain was one of the first sites to step into the grimy, gritty world of industrial locations. It hasn't been updated for a while, but it's definintely worth a visit.

World Of The Shadows
Sister site of Abandoned Britain, World Of The Shadows continued with the industrial theme. Again, beautiful photography and a beautiful website.

With its succinct photography and poignant write-ups, Mechanised should be visited by every urban explorer. There is though and feeling behind every picture and every line. Locations become loved homes and functional, caring hospitals again; not buildings to be conquered and invaded.

A Warning To The Curious
My first explorations took place with Offkilter's back in the early months of 2002. After a long absence, he's back with a new website and new explorations.

Specific Sites For Derelict Sites
Warley Hospital
This site hasn't launched yet, but as it's run by Mechanised (see his site above) then it's well worth keeping an eye on.

Bexley Hospital
This example of one of GT Hines great asylums was long gone by the time the urban exploration movement started. A pity. This great site is devoted to the former hospital.

North Wales Hospital (Denbigh)
I've yet to visit this wonderful old asylum. So, whilst you're waiting for me, why not check out its own website? History, timeline, photographs and news of impending developments are part of this site's attraction.

Crossley Sanatorium
A superb site documenting the Crossley Sanatorium in Chesire. Very atmospheric (Requires flash).

The Forgotten Hospital
A photographic tour of the rambling Truro City Hospital. Both interiors and exteriors are covered. This great website conveys how interesting this place once was.

Hellingly Asylum
Pictures taken around the perimeter (and a few inside) of GT Hine's most busted-up asylum.

Three Counties Asylum
The former institution at Stotfeld gets its own website. A good resource covering its history, a collection of artifacts and stories from the hospital.

Ayslum Resources
County Asylums
Pete Cracknell's site is fast becoming a pictorial and historial reference to all the asylums in England and Wales. Highly recommended for the many archival pictures of asylums which are no longer with us.

The Tetimony project is the on-line face of a collection of audio-visual records of life within institutions based on the old Victorian model. Testimony aims to draw on this resource to widen awareness of the issues tackled in the interviews. They've commissioned five films about mental health care past and present which approach the subject from very different standpoints.

If any of the asylum pictures look familar then they should be; I've given Testimony permission to use my asylum pictures from this site.

The Art Connection
The Derelict Sensation
Stepping out of the pure urban exploration thrill seeking genre, this site explores dereliction with artists, filmmakers and performers. And they explore derelict sites as well.

Secret Places
Secret Bases
Aquila and others also feature on the excellent Secret Bases site.

Official Organisations
Save Britain's Heritage, founded in 1975 after the disasterous loss of many of the Country Houses in the UK, is devoted to saving Britain's heritage. So, they do exactly what it says on the tin. Lots of interesting publications are available including the list of asylums which formed the basis of my list