Cane Hill Hospital is a massive sprawling disused building perched on top of a hill near to Coulsdon. Built in 1883, closed in 1988, it housed thousands of patients during it's time as one of the South East's premier mental asylums. It has always been our primary place to explore, due to its amazing atmosphere, size and variety.

Many of us had our first experiences of the place as young kids - both my parents worked up there, and once it closed, it became a target for kids from miles around to go to, mainly due to the huge water tower and boiler house chimney. I think one of my first memories was falling over onto a bottle, and cutting my knee open. I was 4, and needed 6 stitches, leaving a nice big scar. I was treated at Queen Mary's Hospital in Banstead - now another fine disused hospital.

Of late, there has been much controversy at the site because of the "Medium Secure Unit" - which I don't really want to get into. Essentially, a new and separate block houses criminals who need mental health care. Alledgedly, they walk about and rape and murder people 24/7. I have my doubts.

The other thing, which I will get into, is the arson. The hospital has been hit by 3 sizeable arson attacks. Two have hit ward blocks, and were the biggest fires in Greater London, involving a huge amount of appliances and firefighters. A third destroyed a "temporary" outbuilding. Ok, graffiti, when good is fine. Random vandalism, when it doesn't harm anyone annoys me a bit. When it does harm people, it annoys me a lot. When it's mindless arson that causes "43 fire engines from 11 fire brigades" to turn up and spend 6 hours putting out a fire and a whole weekend damping down, then it's the kind of thing that makes me want to beat the living shit of the immature, retarded, stupid, brainless little fuckers who did it. There have been numerous fires in other hospitals as well, and I'd go so far as to suspect the same people. If we ever meet the people who did this, the police will be informed straight away. If they turn up before we kill you, fair enough.

Think about it - that is a lot of fire engines and fire fighters. Most of South London lost a fire engine to this that day. I can't find any news stories about children or entire families dying in house fires during the other arson attacks, but keep it in mind. I could go on about destroying a important historical building, but I won't. If putting other peoples lives at risk to this extent isn't enough to stop you, then I don't know what is.

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