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A great shot of some antique British film projectors.

"The heavy reel cases indicate that the projectors are probably a bit older than forty years, as they're a requirement for showing nitrate-base (explosive!) film stock, which was obsolete by the 1940s. If it breaks and jams in the gate, it will catch fire under heat from the lamp and explode - that's also why the reels are only 2000ft long in the first place. The projectors are carbon arc types, evidenced by the style of the lamphouse and the heavy ducting on top, used to vent the fumes from the burning carbon which produced huge quantities of lethal carbon monoxide." Phil

After I asked about the various 1960s projector lamps scattered about the place:

"The projectors at Aquila are Kaylee 19s or 20s, and would certainly have had carbon arc lamphouses on them when they were new (xenon lamps and nitrate stock didn't really meet that much). My not-so-sharp eyes missed the "warning - xenon lamp" sticker on the side of the lamphouse - clearly they've been relamped." - Phil

"A projector with a carbon arc lamphouse and enclosed reels could be as late as the 50s, but I'd tend to date the Aquila equipment from that sort of era just by the look of it." - Phil