aquila | dumb procurement

Found this map on one of the walls. As the place has now been levelled, I doubt anyone missed it. The most northernly part of the site is Ottford close entrance, so this map is effectively upside-down.

The two blue stars are the conference rooms for Blocks 1 and 2. We visited the conference room in Block 1.

The main conceference room is marked by a yellow star in Block 12, whilst the cinema is marked by a cyan star in Block 13.

Here's the main areas we explored:

Aquila (Exterior). First views of the mysterious Aquila.
Block 2. Acoustic chambers and hapless card-punch machines. Help indeed!
Block 1. More acoustic chambers and lots of nasty chemicals.
MT. Motor transport. Can the last person out turn off the lights?
Car Park. Once this was full of cars.
Boat Park. Yes, it's still full of boats.
Block 7. The X-ray facility.
Block 6. The huge hall of acoustic chambers.
Block 5. The environmental test area i.e. "Shake And Brake".
Block 4. The Apprentice Training Centre of dead pigeons.
Block 15. The boiler house of boilers.
Block 13. The bar. Very important.
Block 14. The cinema. Also very important.
Block 12. The resturant and way out.