aquila | dumb procurement

More blocks stretched away more laboratories, more offices. Everything symmetrical, everything ordered.

"The electrical calibration labs contained in Block 3 and Block 2 offered some of the most precise measurements in the country. Second only to NPL (National Physics Laboratory), some of the British standards, such as the Volt and Ohm, were held and maintained by them."

"Everything has to be measured to some standard, even the equipment in a calibration lab has to be compared to national and international standards. For instance your 10 multimeter you buy in your local DIY store has had a calibration performed on it at the factory to see how acurate it is, the test equipment the factory uses has to be calibrated to a higher standard before it can be used so is sent off to a calibration lab. That calibration lab would probably send their equipment off to a higher end calibration lab to be measured. That high end calibration lab would more than likely send their equipment to Aquila to be measured. This gives you some idea as to the position that Aquila occupied for traceable measurements within the UK."