raf upwood | the usaf have left the building

Welcome to RAF Upwood. If I was an airman, I would’ve been arrested by now, as I hadn’t checked in with the Guardhouse – so this wasn’t the main entrance, despite the relative splendor of the building facing me.

This was the Officer’s Mess – built to standard design. For example, this is a ‘Type B’, the standard design for expansion era airfields. (The RAF underwent great expansion during 1934-1939 in preparation for the defense of Britain – Upwood was originally a World War One aerodrome was being pressed back into service).

This building was based on drawing number 2292/34 – the second figure gives the year of the drawing.

The fluorescent sign over the door originally stated “USAF Upwood” – this was in-situ when I explored the airfield with Offkilter in May, but had now been smashed.

We moved on up the main road – we would explore the interior of the Officers’ Mess on the way out.