raf wyton photographic factory | and there it was on page 24

Having parked the car discretely on the new road leading to the site, I quickly made my way to this single storey structure built into the side of the gently sloping hill. The weather was unseasonably good and I found the interior surprisingly sunny and welcoming. This was in part due to the good weather and part due to vandals removing the last of the wooden boarding over the windows and smashing the last of the blackened windows.

I moved quietly from room to room, sketching the internal geometry of the structure on an outline of the building Id printed out from Multimap. It was inaccurate and rough but I wanted to be able to produce a plan of the building, identify and number all the photographic processing rooms, and hopefully discern the function of most of the key features.

Room E6 looking SW (see map). © Simon Cornwell 2008