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Postscript: We walked up the footpath towards Portnallís Road and took photographs of the final wards. I knew Iíd never see them again.

A security guard approached. He was friendly and could tell by our dishevelled, grubby appearance that weíd obviously been inside. As we were now outside the fence and on the public footpath, we felt safe enough to stop for a chat.

"Iíve caught you before," he said to Marlon. "But Iíve not met you before, whatís your name?"
"Simon." He paused and then did a double-take. "Not *the* Simon? Not Simon Cornwell?"
"Yes, thatís me."
"Bloody hell," he said and he burst into a grin. "Youíre famous here."

© Simon Cornwell 2009

Cane Hill Administration Block. © Simon Cornwell 2008