cane hill | goodbye cane hill

I used to play a board-game called "Escape From Colditz" in which players attempted to escape the legendary prison by collecting equipment, bribing guards and making various dashes for freedom. At the end of a game (or when everyone was thoroughly fed-up) each player could play a "Do-Or-Die" card. This allowed them a last-ditch escape attempt, governed by a limited number of die rolls.

I was reminded of this old games when I approached Cane Hill for the final time. This was the "Do-Or-Die" conclusion, the last ditch attempt to grab those final pictures or get caught trying. I was finally willing to put aside my fear of the guards, the fear of being caught, and the fear of the utter retribution to be wielded against "Simon Cornwell" (who caused all this trouble at Cane Hill in the first place), to get the pictures I so wanted.

We knew English Partnership’s guards continuously patrolled the perimeter road. Two men, with dogs, worked on opposite sides of the hospital, ensuring any interlopers were firmly dealt with. But once we were past them, the story was only beginning: there were the added problems of Squibb’s demolition teams, Squibb’s guards, and the unknown new geometry of the partially demolished Cane Hill.

But so far, luck was on our side. We’d hurriedly climbed over the fences, threw ourselves into the overgrown scrublands beyond, and rushed through the no-man’s land between the fence and the buildings.

(Note: larger sized pictures are available. E-mail me if you require them.)