cane hill | walking the perimeter

If you’d taken the 'Narnia route' to Cane Hill (along the footpath, through the woods, and past the old lamp post), this is the first view of the hospital that would greet you. The imposing facade of Kings/Keats ward.

I think we’re in agreement. This is a dreadful and utterly pitiful sight. Just look at that.

In my day, any self-respecting vandal would’ve lobbed a good brick through the top window. Today’s Playstation-Generation, with their feeble forearms, are only good enough to chuck a small pebble through the second floor window.

Dreadful. I blame junk food personally.

Seriously, I hate the vandals. Not as much as the arsonists, but the vandals really annoy me. Do you fling bricks through your windows at home? No? Well, sod off then.

We’re now at the most westerly part of the hospital, and this is the north facing side of the last of the 'extra' blocks. Interesting the brickwork matches that of the rest of the hospital, and isn’t clad in modern tiles. (Why? Run out of money or something?)

The dense undergrowth was No 6. Garden.

If you’d come in from the back entrance, then you’d have a choice of route here. However, I’m pressing on to the nurses’ accommodation.

2009: This is one of the only photographs I liked from this tour. It was my first view of Cane Hill (as this is the first ward you see when you walk down the Portnalls Footpath) and it partially captures the way the buildings tower over you from the footpath.

View of the northern bay windows of the dormitories of King/Keats ward. © Simon Cornwell 2002