nocton hall hospital | surgery, x-ray, wards 46-56

Whilst walking the down the lengthy central corridor, or exploring the various barrack-like ward blocks, we couldnít help but be reminded of the former Canadian Red Cross Military Hospital near Taplow in Maidenhead. Both hospitals had a similar history, as the CRCMH was also built during the Second World War, and also long outlived its original purpose (and design parameters) as a general hospital for the Taplow area.

Interestingly the CRCMH arranged its wards east-west along the central spine corridor, whilst the Nocton Hall Hospital arranged them parallel. Why this decision was taken isnít known, but perhaps orientation of wards wasnít important for the treatment of short-term patients and the planning of temporary war time hospitals was flexible enough to accommodate various building plots.

Looking north up the north-south corridor outside the dentist. © Simon Cornwell 2008

Moving east into the dentists. © Simon Cornwell 2008

All that remains of the dentists. Looking west. © Simon Cornwell 2008