nocton hall hospital | surgery, x-ray, wards 46-56

Internet research revealed another interesting parallel. Nocton Hall Hospital was supposed to have an eerie feel, the buildings taking on a slightly sinister guise. Such an atmosphere was also supposedly prevalent at the CRCMH, backed up by the well publicised manifestation of The Flincher. As Marlon and I picked our way around the buildings, we found the hospital calm and welcoming. Perhaps the sheer heat of the day made the cool buildings more welcoming than they would’ve done on a cold, squalid day.

I wonder if such ghostly feelings were more to do with the more casual explorers who frequented these places. We saw no sign of security and wondered if the site had any. The CRCMH was similarly unprotected and a wide cross-section of the curious who never would normally set foot in a derelict building plucked up the courage to enter. Perhaps it was the nerves and adrenaline of these explorers who gave these places their slightly undeserved sinister overtones.

Entrance to the large ward on the south western corner of the northern half of the hospital. View south. © Simon Cornwell 2008

Immediate impression of this ward. View south. © Simon Cornwell 2008

Same ward but view north. © Simon Cornwell 2008

Plants invading a small annexe ajoining the main north-south corridor. © Simon Cornwell 2008

Battered bath is all that remains in this north eastern ward. © Simon Cornwell 2008

Dark recess in a north eastern ward. © Simon Cornwell 2008

North eastern ward. © Simon Cornwell 2008