st johns | doom and gloom

I’d never seen anything quite like the main spine corridor which presumably travelled the entire length of the buildings, east to west. I say ‘presumably’ because it was bricked up either end with breeze blocks - although someone had smashed a hole in one of them.

The ornate metal framework was decorated with shields bearing the cross of St. George; St John’s was obviously a very proud English institution. "You mention the shields with the cross of St. George and how St. John's "was obviously a very proud English institution" - not quite, in fact, the shield bearing the cross with a gold fleur de lys in the middle is the emblem of Lincoln." - Suzannah

Judging by the names signing the mural, it was painted in 1979 and 1980. This part of the corridor was less plush than the part stretching past Administration and the was filled with building materials (obviously from the builders yard who operated from the other large courtyard at the north of the hospital).

I can't explain the toilet. That's just madness.