warley | wonderings (part two)

"In time, Iíll publish a full account of this location and select more of the 262 pictures Iíve got of its exterior and interiors. But for reasons I donít want to reveal at the moment, Iím just going to put up a few select shots for now." - Original text written in 2005.

In April 2005 we gained access to interior of Warley Mental Hospital. The site was on the brink of redevelopment, but no photographs of its interiors had yet been published. The developers were keen to keep it that way, wanting to erase the history of the former institution before rebranding the area and offering potential purchasers the chance of luxury apartments this distinctive, imposing and now anonymous Victorian building.

Whilst our visit was extremely rewarding, and I feel I can now start publishing the pictures I took, it was the reaction on the Internet which caught me off guard.

  Part of: Warley Hospital: In Depth