sleaford maltings | between a rock and a hard place

The site was original purchased by Bass Ratcliff & Greenton Limited in 1901 for the construction of a malting plant for their Burton-Upon-Trent based breweries.

Sleaford was picked as an ideal site as:

  • It was close to the barley fields.
  • It has an excellent water supply thanks to an Artesian Well dug in 1892.
  • A seasonal workforce was available.
  • There were good transportation links including a railway which defined the northern perimeter of the site.
  • And it was cheaper to bring the raw (green) barley to Sleaford rather than Burton-Upon-Trent.

General view west of the maltings complex. Main maltings blocks to the right with smaller tiny admin buldings to the left. © Simon Cornwell 2009