sleaford maltings | between a rock and a hard place

Eventually, after a long wait, I heard the low hum of vehicle starting and gingerly made my way back across the encrusted floor to the southern windows. The van disappeared although I wasnt certain security had left the site.

But this was our chance. After a brief discussion with Marlon, wed hatched a plan: wed finish the water tower and then get the hell out of there.

The wasps' nest turned out to be nothing more than a cloud of angry bluebottles, annoyed that we were disturbing the piles of pigeon crap that lay evenly on the floor. So that was one potential problem out of the way.

We slowly made our way to the third storey to be greeted by an elevated platform stretching most of the width of the tower. A vertical ladder rose from this platform and disappeared through the water tank atop the top of the tower.

View from third floor steps to the elevated section adn the final ladder through the water tank. © Simon Cornwell 2009