wheal jane | no feed, no water, no chance

Over the years, urban explorers have learnt to be cynical about warning signs. Often they’re over hyped, inaccurate affairs which only serve to scare the more timid, and to keep the curious away, with the minimum of fuss and expense.

However "Danger: Falling Objects And Debris" was quite accurate. The interior of the mine buildings were a mess, a Jenga puzzle of girders, pipes and spiked metal, all immersed in two feet of muddy red water.

Realising that the light was going fast, and ignoring the sheer cacophony of banging sheet metal being smashed and pounded by the increasingly furious wind, we quickly hurried in.

It was an utter mess in there; catwalks lead nowhere, gates opened to sheer drops and the whole place was becoming darker by the second.