cane hill | goodbye cane hill

The tower was magnificent and I took my time climbing it to ensure I’d adequately documented every floor, every staircase and every turn. (I was so slow that the group were beginning to wonder what had happened to me). The pictures of the ascent have been published separately as a historical record, unfettered by the sheer adrenaline, sneaking around and fear which permeated through the group at the time.

Once back on terra firma we rushed towards the Admin Block. The female side of the hospital seemed a much better proposition, relatively untouched by Squibb’s sanctioned vandalism, and was mostly still under cover. We all agreed that a systematic exploration of the female wards was next, but some of the group wanted to see the Chapel and Administration Block first.

The Chapel unnerved me. I knew it was now a dead-end, favoured by security as one of the biggest traps in the hospital complex. To go there was dangerous. But: "Do Or Die" and roll the dice.

Corridor C24 moving south-east. © Simon Cornwell 2008