crx | fearlessly facing flincher

We left the courtyard and entered the longest corridor in Berkshire[1]. Welcome to The Grand Corridor. This is the view looking north.

Unlike the various asylums Id been exploring, the CRX wasnt designed for long-term patient care. Asylum wards were designed to capture the most natural light possible, and several configurations were offered to cope with different patient types.

At the CRX, devoted to the quick treatment of injuries, the wards were built to maximize the space hence they were all in parallel in a very regimented style, all orientated east-west, and served by this north-south corridor which ran the entire length of the hospital.

[1]For the CRX, born of Berkshire, is now in Buckinghamshire. And it may not be the longest corridor in Buckinghamshire. But by Berkshire's standards, it was pretty long indeed.