crx | fearlessly facing flincher

This plan was produced from one of the site plans recently found in the hospital. Unfortunately the Guardhouse and Nurse Accommodation arenít included, as neither are the collection of huts and buildings around the northern area of the site.

For far, far better maps, check out The Shrine.

The Feathers. Fine food, fine drink, and general faffing about.
GuardHouse And Nurses Accommodation. First shots after falling over the fence.
Facade. Approaching the hospital without tripping.
Reception. Entering the hallowed halls of the CRX
Courtyard. And we're suddenly in the centre of the CRX
The Grand Corridor. Great for Buxton Chair races.
The Chapel. Apparently everyone in The National Trust is gay.
A Lab. Which has seen better days.
A Ward. With a rather strange looking toilet.
Welcome To Hell. Auuuuughhhhhhh!!!
Misc Sights #1. As we left the hospital.
The Library. Not for this world much longer.
The Black Labs. Doomy and black.
Welcome Back. Diving back into the CRX.
The Angled Corridor. And various sights.
Maternity. Home of The Flincher.
The Smaller Corridor. And various sights.
The Canteen. What's for dinner Mum?
The Kitchen. Heinz Baked Beans!
Junk Yard. Want to buy a new motor?
The Boiler House. With a surprising lack of boilers.
The Covered Corridor. Is that cool grafitti or what?
Huts. Round huts and square huts and big huts and...
The Stage Room. Run away! Run away!