severalls | smashed severalls

As we never made it to Engineering or the Admin Block, we exited the hospital without any plans whatsoever. A little upsetting as my tour definitely needed a map of some kind.

However, Ian Richards of Save Severalls had several shots of the hospital taken after chartering a small plane and flying over the site. So, with permission granted, and a little bit of work in Photoshop, I can present this rough guide to the ramblings.

Outbuilding. And no way out.
Exteriors. Hurried shots of various wings and the kitchen courtyard. Run, run, run! (Light Yellow area).
Small kitchens. Wondering through an ancilliary kitchen. (Light Red/Brown area).
Small laundry. And wondering through a small laundry. (Light Red/Brown area).
Corridors #1. Actually if it wasn't for the groovy floors, this could be Cane Hill. (Light Red/Brown area).
Main Kitchen. It's big and it's empty. (Light Red/Brown area)
Corridors #2. Walking the dark gloom of Severalls. (Light Orange area)
The Main Hall And Stage. The best room of the tour. Splendid! I've peaked too soon! (Light Yellow area)
Corridors #3. Yes, more corridors, there's lots at Severalls. (Light Green area).
A Ward #1. The first ward we ventured into. (Light Green area).
X-Ray, Operating Theatres. Well, we assumed these were here. (Light Green area).
A Ward #2. Upstairs and checking out the views. (Light Green area).
Entering The Superintendent's House. With permission of course. Well, perhaps not. (Green area).
A Ward #3. The cleanest ward I've ever been in whilst exploring. (Light blue area).
Squirrel's Boutique. Clothing for Squirrels. (Dark blue area).
Corridors #4. Now these are cool, angled corridors. None of that straight, right-angle malarky here. (Dark blue area).
Tailors And Sewing Room. How modern. (Dark blue area).
Arson. Multiple seat fire? You bet. (Purple area).
The Nurses Home. Four storeys of smashed rooms. (Purple/red area).
A Small Kitchen. Beans on toast anyone? (White/gray area).
Severalls' BBQ. A burger and a smile. (White/gray area).
Severalls' Chapel. Not the big one outside, this is the replacement inside. (White/gray area).
A Ward #4. This is a hospital after all. (White/gray area).
Misc Rooms. Interesting rooms seen on the way out. Run, run, run! (Light Red/Brown area).