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Harperbury: General layout circa 2007

Harperbury Hospital has an extremely distinctive configuration with its three separate loops of buildings: this matches the earlier bilateral symmetry of the old Victorian asylums, albeit with the addition of the "Childrens" loop to the south west of the site.

As can be seen, we hardly scratched the surface, but most of Harperbury was still in use when we were there and we didnít want to stray into active areas.

This recent satellite image shows new buildings constructed on the alignment of the north-western loop. The rest of the site is expected to close gradually and eventually be completely demolished to make way for housing.

Harperbury: Detail of The Common. We explored the highlighted buildings.

We visited the school, swimming pool, activity area, 2 The Common, 4 The Common, 6 The Common and 7 The Common (although the latter two buildings were absolutely empty and similar to the other villas so photographs havenít been uploaded.)