brighton road shelter (cane hill bunker)
Last update: 14|03|13

In this section, I have collected and collated every piece of information I can find about the shelter. If you can add more, or correct any detail, then please e-mail me.

The Brighton Road Shelter (Cane Hill Bunker)

The Brighton Road Shelter, Cousldon has long been the subject of rumour and intrigue with all sorts of gossip and tales being whispered about the tunnels. It was: a Second World War bomb shelter, a nuclear bomb shelter, a mortuary for the nearby Cane Hill Mental Hospital, or a dark dungeon where ghastly experiments were carried out using the weird medical equipment still stored there.

Additionally it was: an optical factory or a mechanics. The Canadian Military used it for storage. And there are all sorts of artefacts in there Ė railway semaphores, telephone boxes, car engines and rusted machinery.

Even the location of the tunnels was open to conjecture, being situated anywhere within the Cane Hill site. It didnít help that the hospital itself has its own service tunnels which only served to confuse the issue.

However, most rumours are based on a small foundation of truth. And after a little research, and a visit, most of these tall tales are found to be true in part. So, welcome to the varied history of the Brighton Road Shelter.

 Cane Hill Bunker Essays
History Of The Bunker
The Rumours Of Deep Shelter Number Four

 General Explorations
Dispelling The Myths (17|08|03)

 Maps And Documentation
Deep Shelter No. 4 - Original Surrey Council Plan
Deep Shelter, Brighton Road - Alterations required by optical works
Cox, Hargreaves and Thomson, Limited - Their own survey of the tunnels
General Location - Present Day
Many thanks to Andrew Tierney for the archival and present day plans and Laurence Fisher for the Cox, Hargreaves and Thomson, Limited - Survey.

Cox, Hargreaves and Thomson, Limited. Underground Optical Works

 Original Photographs
Tea-break in the tunnels.

 Film and Video
Pathe News Footage featuring Cox, Hargreaves and Thomson, Limited.
Tunnels Of Cane. Lo-res exploration video shot by Rafal and friends. (1.23MB, Windows WMV format).

Various e-mails about the tunnels.